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Many Berber Nationalists view Arabs as a hostile people intent on eradicating their own culture and nation.

Berber social norms restrict marriage to someone of Arab ethnicity, although it is permitted to marry someone from other ethnic groups.

Due to widespread practice of Islam among Arab populations, Anti-Arabism is commonly confused with Islamophobia.

There are also sizable minorities of Arab Jews, Druze, and nonreligious. Exceptions are Mauritanian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Somali, and Comoran Arabs.

Therefore, France employed some official colonial practices to tighten its control over Algeria by creating racial tensions between Arabs and Berbers and between Jews and Muslims.

Others argue that the Berber language and traditions are deeply rooted in the North African cultural mosaic; for centuries, Berber culture has survived conquests, repression, and exclusion from different invaders: Romans, Arabs, and French.

Regardless, the Kabyles and other Berbers have managed to preserve their culture and achieve higher standards of living and education when compared to Algerian Arabs.

Furthermore, many Berbers speak their language and French; are non religious, secular, or Evangelical Christian; and openly identify with the Western World.

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