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I don't know if it'll be completely intact, we may not keep things like memories, but considering the experimental nature, that may be fore the best.

The problem is finding the right one, but I'm onto something that might be promising.""Oh?

He gives an approving nod and I immediately pull my shirt off, over my head, and quickly shimmy out of my pants, working out of my undergarments as I slide under the covers. ""Now that I think of it, Iga was a bit sweaty looking when she came down. " I ask, worried for my baby's comfort, "The heater could be acting up again.""No, it's fine," he laughs a little, "I can't speak for Iga, but I guess I was just thinking of you," he gives me a little wink."Aww, that's the cheesiest, stupidest crap ever. I give him good suction, swirl around the head, make sure I get the underside. It makes my pussy clench, and I can tell he enjoys it."Tell it write, Victoria.""…I …I don't say anything…

I cuddle up next to him and give him a quick little kiss, then curiously rub my fingers over the top of his chest, "You're a little sweaty, are you okay? I love you," I nuzzle up against his shoulder."Mmm… Not sure what it is, maybe i just like your sweaty smell," I nibble a little at his shoulder."Got me, I, uh, don't think I've done anything to make myself smell better. I get him hard as a rock and writhing around in no time at all. I dive right in…" it's hard to get such an embarrassing story out, "I suck your cum out of her… I can feel him smiling as he nuzzles against me from behind.

Not that it's excessively tall, but Iga is rather petite."Wow, can it-" Iga's words are cut short as the monster, if we'll call it that, takes another step and the taut wires pull it off balance.

It tumbles forward, on top of her, burying her face in it's ample breasts. I forget to turn the power off and it's attempts to walk forward only result in it grinding it's chest into her face over and over as she tries to fight it off.

Or perhaps there's something else that I'm missing completely - if so it's definitely not intentional, but I'm going to leave the image as-is since fallen angels aren't necessarily perfect planners.12658"Iga! I get back to work on arranging my electrodes until she arrives.

" I pat her on the head, "What they truly appreciate is brilliance, and this will be a display of that.I was just in the middle of-" she clears her throat, "What did you need me for, Victoria? All at once, the body, or rather, the amalgamation of bodies, rises, and takes a step forward, and then another. " she smiles at me and we both jump like excited little girls.The wires trail behind it, but it maintains it's balance. She walks up to the triumph of science, and it looms over her, naked and in excellent proportions.No D for you, until you've cleaned up properly," he boops me on the nose to emphasize his point.I groan and slide out of bed and walk to the bathroom, "You're so uptight!

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