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Seeking Arrangement was created in 2006 by Brandon Wade, a Singaporean-American who has been quoted as saying "love is a concept invented by poor people".Its Chinese platform now claims around 300,000 registered members and is growing steadily at 20 percent year-on-year.To sign up, first you’ll have to perform a quick search of ALT.com, which takes mere seconds – if it weren’t for the dizzying array of choices available.Men, women, couples and groups are all welcome, as are all manner of fetishes, so just scrolling through the lists can make for some fun introspection.According to him in his interview with The Daily Mail UK, it's not sexual—it's a platonic, in-need-of-someone-to-spend-my-time-with kind.

[related: #This Modern Love: Ateneo Blue Eagles Therese Gaston And Rex Intal's Digital Age Dating Tips] If you decide to try it out, just enjoy and go along—after all, it's what dating should be.

[related: The D Word: Be My Lady's Phil and Pinang Show You the Ropes to Dating An AFAM] But being mind-blown aside, let's put the question out there: Where do kids like Edward meet their sugar daddies? Companionship for sugar daddies; a lavish lifestyle for sugar babies, or financial support if need be, especially for sugars in college (who want to graduate minus the sky-high debt.

Apart from university expenditures, it's the demands and pressure to fit in kids nowadays experience (pretty but expensive i Phone cases or Chanel bags to post on Instagram, anyone?

Case in point: 24-year-old Kingston University graduate Edward Oliver, who is out of college without a job yet living an upscale lifestyle, thanks to a regular allowance from his sugar daddy for his rent and shopping money, not to mention flying all over the world without spending a single coin.

The only condition his sugar daddy holds him accountable to, Oliver says, is his companionship.

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