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3 way ep 2 is a perfect name for the first mission.

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If you have ever tried other BDSM games this one can not be even compared with all best games you can even imagine.This glitz and glamour town is a den of sin where all your fantasies aren’t merely possible but also, in the expert hands of the right girl, likely to be improved! - Become the greatest pimp Pornwood's ever seen by taking to the streets and bringing a world of hurt to other pimps. Invest in real estate to ensure all those lonely sailors, “handy”-men and pizza delivery guys get plenty of bang for their buck!But be warned: You're not the only pimp in town who wants to make it big! - The adult film industry is booming in Pornwood and it's time to dust off your old i PON camera.Enjoy playing BDSM games now you deserve it for sure.3 way ep 6 is a story where a sister uses a magic dilido and gives it to sensei.

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