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Upcoming In-House Seminar: "Carbonates Applied to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation” August 27-31, 2018 (in Houston) Carbonate Seminars Available only a Private Basis: 1.OVERVIEW OF THE AUSTIN CHALK IN SOUTH TEXAS AND LOUISIANA: Depositional Setting, Diagenesis, Porosity Evolution and Play Development (1 Day)To date, this seminar has been presented in-house to Cavalier Energy, Marathon Oil, Murphy Oil, Nexen Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Ensign Natural Resources, Black Mountain Oil & Gas, and Ener Vest Operating Company (Conoco-Phillips and Apache are scheduled for late June). CARBONATE DIAGENESIS AND EVOLUTION OF RESERVOIR QUALITY (3 Days)Contact J.Final Rule to be Released in November Once the final rule has been published, PRS will review, interpret and be ready to teach you, what you need to know.Additionally, we will identify the scenarios, hints, shortcuts and cheatsheets for you to practice and use.

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These winds do not usually blow strongly in the fall.Please see the attached brochure for detailed information and a registration form.If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact me at 713-667-9844, or visit my website web at a picture show of the seminar.The advanced Dating Power techniques give you the power to choose the women you date, rather of just taking whatever you can get. Dating Power Private Examples: 3.75 hours of audio. Dating Power Presentation Slides: 257 page PDF ebook with the exact slides we used for the seminar. This gives you the 'dating power' all the way from the first approach into the relationship.Women hope to get a chance with you, rather than you hoping to get women to like you and give you a chance with them. Dan, Ben and Stu share uncensored stories of how they've been using the Dating Power techniques to enjoy consistent success with women in their private life. Dating Power techniques make women: "I have been studying the dating power seminar and have achieved great results in less than a month!!!

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