Am i dating a retard

Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life A man challenges his friend to live like him, providing her with long underwear that he insists she’ll need because his apartment has no heat.In case she has to “pee pee,” he offers her a coffee can filled with urine.They’re just self-described badasses, clinging to the lost years of their 20s and desperately seeking relevancy.When stripped entirely of context, without actors and solely on paper, the funniest moments of It’s Always Sunny are often really creepy and always offensive.They’re delusional, alcoholic losers with a superiority complex.

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(This is the only way to drown out the noise of the fifty stray cats that cry outside his window.)Sweet Dee Gets Audited The IRS catches onto a woman’s scheme to claim a child she gave birth to as a surrogate as a dependent.She kidnaps a baby, then holds a funeral in a bar—complete with a tiny casket filled with the dead body of an alley dog—to fool the agent into thinking the baby died. “Darkest thing we’ve ever done,” her brother agrees.Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties Several children are dropped off at an Irish bar in South Philly to participate in a beauty pageant that is under investigation.“I’ve got to get to Broadway and welfare’s the key,” one of them says when their applications are rejected (they can’t prove their respective mental retardation and crack addiction).To get the proper blood work, the siblings buy two “rocks of crack” for 0 and become crackheads.

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