Are amazingphil and danisnotonfire dating

I know lots of people have been trying to sell tickets or are looking to buy them, so we're opening up this thread as a place to do that! Tell us about your time at the show, or when you're going, or just how excited you are to see/have seen our boys!

Please conduct all of your tickety business here from now on; any new posts elsewhere in the sub regarding buying and selling II tickets will be removed and asked to be reposted here. Anything regarding buying/selling tickets should go here: https:// I'm trying to find anyone who is meeting Dan and Phil in Chicago to message me on my Instagram (@alayna.exe) please 💞 if you are, I need you to deliver a message from me when you meet them 💞💞 this is very important to me so thank you so much 💞💞💞 hola pals so i have a v good ticket for the interactive introverts show on the 12th of this month for richmond virginia that i am no longer able to attend.

Dan calls his fans danosaurs, which is a combination of his shortened name 'Dan' and the word 'dinosaur'. Since August 2013, Dan's You Tube channel 'Danisnotonfire' has reached over 3,000,000 subscribers and his videos have been watched over 100,000,000 times.Dan has also become part of the famous “Fantastic Foursome” group of English youtubers, which includes Dan, Phil Lester (Amazing Phil), Chris Kendall (Crabstickz) and PJ Liguori (Kickthe PJ).Lester Dan has a thing for Maltesers, thus his OTP (One True Pairing) is Dantesers.Phil is very innocent, so whenever he tries to gain leverage, he often ends up failing.If you are reading this, then chances are you are a member of the 'Phandom', and wish to know whether you would be more suited as the girlfriend (or boyfriend) of Danisnotonfire, or Amazing Phil.

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