Brightmail anti spam filter not updating

The Symantec Brightmail software can be located on the same system as the MTA, or it can be on a separate host.

In fact, you can have a farm of Symantec Brightmail servers serving one or more MTAs.

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The Symantec Brightmail database is updated and the Symantec Brightmail server runs this database filter against the email for the specified users or domains.If you enable the Brightmail client-side optin, and the optin value is not set, the Brightmail default is NULL, which means that emails are not going to be filtered with any Symantec Brightmail services (spam or virus).Symantec Brightmail offers only two distinguishable services, spam and virus.Symantec has email probes set around the Internet for detection of new spam.Symantec technicians create custom rules to block this spam in realtime.

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