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"For example, take someone anxious who has had a row.They go online and find someone in a chat room, or use pornography.It can be very comforting and good for the ego, not to mention the excitement of the risk of being caught."Anyone is vulnerable and can get hooked under certain circumstances - not only those with addictive personalities.Also, young men are experiencing a deadening of their libido when it comes to relating directly to "real" women.

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Someone who is becoming deeply involved will begin to feel jaded, as his actual relationship starts to feel slightly mundane and lacking in the intensity and novelty provided by the internet.

This kind of less intimate sexual contact does seem to fit in particularly well with male sexual psychology.

But not exclusively so, as women obviously also use chat rooms for sexual or romantic purposes." Any number of scenarios can have occurred by the time professional help is sought, he says.

They can get careless and leave a trail of evidence.

Alternatively, their relationship is beginning to fall apart.

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