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The further you can go, the easier this goal will be.

Remember, sun coins, great slides, distance travelled, and of course, all these points will be multiplied during fever mode.

Bonus are awarded for distance traveled, great slides, cloud touches, sun coins collected, and you earn coins faster in fever mode.

The simplest way of getting this done is focusing primarily on great slides.

The simplest way to extend the length of a fever mode, is to earn fever mod right before an island jump.

All the time in the air on an island jump is counted.

The better you are at that, the easier future objectives will be to achieve.

The third island has some longer, more extended valleys, which make it a bit easier to get great slides.

You must fly over at least one hill between each slide through the valleys.This will save you time to give you more opportunities to get into another fever mode.Unfortunately, the speed coin locations do change daily, so it will be up to you to find them.Just make sure you see the on-screen notification that you have in fact completed the objective before you go and quit.Objectives: There 9 islands you are asked to reach in the game and the 4th should come somewhat easily after you get a hang of the way the game controls.

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