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Patients who have vision treatment with accommodating lenses at our Long Island practice can expect to spend very little time on recovery.

We advise our patients to rest for a while immediately after surgery, and we will give you a prescription for eye drops to care for your eyes in the days that follow.

However, none of them could achieve a complete restoration of accommodation, and multifocal lenses are frequently associated to visual symptoms that may decrease patient satisfaction.

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Pseudoaccommodation comprises a group of techniques that can improve near vision on the basis of the use of the cornea or intraocular lenses (IOLs), resulting in an increased depth of field, multifocality or both [].Patients who have been affected by cataracts and other eye conditions typically brought on by the aging process are generally good candidates for Crystalens®.Candidates can also include individuals of virtually any age who have cataracts caused by injury to the eye, overexposure to sunlight, genetics, and certain types of medications; however, intraocular lens implantation is generally performed on older patients.The change in the refractive power of the eye, when the image of a near object is brought into focus on the retina, is defined as accommodation; such a process must involve an increase in the dioptric power of the system [ It is the difference in refractive power of the eye in the two states of complete relaxation and maximal accommodation.The amplitude of accommodation decreases progressively with age (presbyopia): in a ten year old child it is, on average, about 14 D; at forty it is 6 D; and at 60 it is only about 1 D.

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