Dating a rock star

The band plays out a lot, so if your birthday falls on a Friday or Saturday you can forget about having him there for the celebration. No one misses a gig for He's too creative for Swiffering, showing up on time, wearing a collared shirt to a court date, talking about anything other than music even though he's alienating 90 percent of the other people in the room, and/or holding a W2 job. A lot of bands will come and watch the opening acts in an attempt to appear grounded and humble. And finally, Erin's favorite "types" from the book: Best band boys: The Boy with the Thorn in His Side ("Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire…for love…") His moods range from dark to forlorn, his playlist from "Tainted Love" to "Boys Don't Cry," and he "gets hives instead of a hard-on at the thought of you having a threesome." Ready for a Belle and Sebastian listening marathon? "He may be a bit much to handle, mood-wise, but he's got empathy and emotional understanding—two things you can't teach someone," Erin says. Why Women Can't Resist Rock Stars And her top three tips for snagging a musician:1. Then again, Nicholas Sparks got away with swans, rain and a rowboat—so let me pass go and collect 200 bucks. I mean, sometimes, when musicians get lonely on the road they get confused and wind up in bed naked with the wrong woman, but, they were drunk, and you were far away, right? This is also known as touring, aka extended amounts of time where you’re staying in the loop through the band’s social media updates. All artists have egos, I know—I’ve spent time with mine. This article was written to make the ones who have chased them laugh and know they are not alone. Part of being a musician is to take your art and throw it as far out into the world as you can. Pay for the pizza.” ~ Someone in Nashville Some of them have day jobs. Let’s not forget that, even broke, most of them can still afford beer, lots and lots of beer. He will still think on some level he’s god draped in leather waiting to be discovered as the next big thing. ***Disclaimer: There are stand up musicians who play in bands and don’t want to fuck their guitars (well only a little), who aren’t broke, who don’t cheat and have no interest in signing boobs. Converse kicks, hats, tattoos, long dangling bullet necklace, big silver rings? Get used to loading equipment in -30 Celcius weather. Check out his words and video below, and fall in love with the city for yourself (and maybe, all over again).

Face Time, Skype, text messages and old fashioned phone conversations are great—but part of being a musician’s partner is being strong enough to withstand long periods apart. He twanged on the guitar, ran his hands through his long luscious locks and serenaded you till you swooned, right?

Not to mention–the busty blonde is the one buying his album, going to his shows religiously and contributing to your someday tropical vacation fund.

Well, he does that as a job, all the time, and you’re not the only one he gives panty soup to.

The 5 Most Romantic John Hughes Movies Worst band boys: Self-righteous (favorite high school bands: Minor Threat and Fugazi) and super-serious, this guy is "more of a humorless C-SPAN commentator than a boyfriend." But he does make you want to recycle and volunteer more, looks good on paper, and leads you to do good by example. "It's no fun having your hypocrisies and ethical faux pas pointed out all the time, even if you agree with the spirit and the politics," Erin writes.

You never want to dump him."Tell us readers: do you date creative types?

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