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As a mythological archetype, Aquarius is the Visionary, a progressive, forward thinking force in the zodiac which encourages all other signs to think what might be, and to take steps to manifest that.

It follows that when two Visionaries fall in love, the ideas, inventions and potentially world changing solutions will come thick and fast.

Aquarius is an air sign, so double the air equals double the current of ideas, movement and inspiration.

You might think that too much air could lead to a destructive tornado, but in this case, neither partner wants to fight, neither bears a grudge and neither has a strong temper, so most differences are resolved perfectly amicably.

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility on a mental level can hardly be bettered – but what about the couple’s physical and emotional relationship?

Aquarius is known as a somewhat aloof and emotionally detached sign, so this couple’s love will be quietly and privately expressed.

So, while planning a date you should pay special attention to their likes and dislikes and then make it a creative one. Be patient and soon you will find yourself around showers of his unending love and care.

You need to behave in a tactful manner, especially while talking to the Aquarian as they hardly reveal their emotions. Sensible Talk Is The Key Once Aquarians become comfortable with you, they will talk nineteen to the dozen with you. Intellect along with sensibility is the key to knock at the door of his heart and stay there forever.

For Aquarius and Aquarius, compatibility isn’t about romance, as such, as neither partner is particularly traditionally romantic – it’s more about mutual companionship and the fact that they just adore one another’s company.

What else would we expect from two Visionaries, after all?

If you have an astrology signs compatibility question, particularly about the Aquarius/Aquarius love match, share it with us here.

It really doesn’t mean you always have to have a heated discussion on every date, but an essence of sense and maturity while talking will take you a long way in the relation.

Be Creative Creativity woos an Aquarian man more than luxurious and expensive holidays. You don’t need to shell out many bucks to please your man.

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