Dragon age online profile not updating

From a practical perspective, the two perfect review scores have no bearing on the game's performance whatsoever and have actually done more harm than good, as the predictable backlash has resulted in hundreds of Amazon-bomb-style negative reviews.

But from an ethical perspective it's an entirely different matter.

Plus, each chapter comes with its own save slots, so it’s not as if you can’t revisit previous chapters once you’re done.

But that said, I won’t lie: the first time I realised what was happening to me when I entered chapter two, I screamed for a solid 20 minutes at my TV screen, one minute for every hour I spent turning the ruined town of Cantlin into a thriving, art-filled, ­cosmopolitan metropolis that’s now disappearing in my rear view mirror.

"Anything negative you'll see about this game is an overreaction of personal preference.

For what it is, it is flawlessly executed and endlessly entertaining." Whether or not you agree with the accuracy of that assessment isn't particularly relevant.

A quick Google led to a name, which led to a Linkedin profile and something called Plurk, which led to the conclusion that Hoban, whether acting in an official capacity or not, wasn't being entirely forthcoming.

It could be a coincidence or a case of mistaken identity, but Avanost's review has quietly been pulled from the site, which is usually a sign that some sort of shenanigans are afoot.

If you’re still unsure what to make of it, then don’t worry – you can try out the free demo from the Nintendo e Shop, which lets you explore the first section of Chapter 1.

What has people up in arms is that it was apparently written by an applications engineer named Chris Hoban, who also happens to be a Bio Ware employee - and who made no mention of that fact in his review.

The situation first came to light when a Reddit user noticed that the top review is the only one he's ever written.

And a good thing too – if you’re like me and enjoy grand epic adventures as much as building a comfy little town for your NPC (non-player character) pals to live in, then you’ll want to bring this game everywhere you go.

Put your crafting hat on and get ready to whack blocks for their resources, because we’re going on ...

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