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1965 "Represive Tolerance" in Sparky House Publishing, Baltimore, Maryland. "Observing Mitosis in Epitheleal Cells." April 9, 2017. articles.view/article No/36454/title/Next-Gen-Test-Tube-Baby-Born Accessed: April 8, 2017.

2014 Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Address of His Holiness Pope Francis on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Bust in Honour of Pope Benedict XVI. Monday, 27 October 2014 February11, 2018.

" Figure 2 "Every baby knows the scientific method" © Tiffany Ard good summary of the scientific method Here are a few terms to clarify: law vs. Accessed: August 20, 201 Evans, Vanessa & Gill, David & Kümpel, Noëlle. "Scoping the feasibility of potential alternatives to bushmeat hunting in Equatorial Guinea: a literature review and key informant perspectives." 10.13140/RG.2.1.4615.5123.

Accessed: June 26, 2018 Field, Michelle and Tori Saneda.

We could now transmit a perfect copy of the original organic rat one hundred feet or one hundred million miles.

The only limitation on distance was the power pushing the signal and the spread of the beam over the distance it had to travel, even collated light has a spread over those kinds of distances, which was only at the speed of light anyway.

The Princess was insulted and asked the old man why he didn’t kiss her, and the old man says, “at my time of life I’m content with just owning a talking frog”. Weather a fiber optic cable or a culminated laser beam the principal was about the same.

A Dialogue with Sir Raymond Firth.” 40 (4): 37l-72.

New proto-mammal fossil sheds light on evolution of earliest mammals.

2012 “The college textbook bubble and how the “open educational resources” movement is going up against the textbook cartel” American Enterprise Institute Decembers.

2016 "Conservative Christian billboard looms high above Hillcrest" San Diego Gay and Lesbian News K.

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