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So Sudden was re-released under that label, and the band immersed itself in writing for its second album.

Greta Morgan Salpeter (born February 12, 1988) is an American singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles, CA.

Have Fun with that sandwhich memorial and buy an ice cream for desert.

Chris Faller (born in Buffalo, NY) is the bassist of The Hush Sound.

The Hush Sound was soon signed to Decaydance Records (now known as DCD2 records).pop star takes fans behind the scenes in the meta music video-within-a-music video, goofing around with her friends while preparing to shoot the actual "Cut to the Feeling" video.The video was shot on a studio lot in Los Angeles, and features Carly's friends and musicians as her band, including David Kalani Larkins, Greta Morgan from Springtime Carnivore and James Flannigan.(The princess for yourself...) Seducing her with empty dreams and a rusting ring?Well I'm the King, it won't be that easy [Anhura] Father, you don't understand...

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