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As the publisher of Inbound Logistics Magazine – a multi-media publication serving the informational needs of business logistics and supply chain managers globally since 1981 – Keith Biondo is considered a supply chain visionary.

Early in his career, Biondo recognized the importance of helping U. manufacturers better match demand to supply, and his passion for that idea fuels many of Inbound Logistics’ accomplishments.

Should you focus primarily on minimizing logistics costs?

Or should you first spend more of your focus on identifying the best high-level organizational objectives and determine whether your overall logistics strategy contributes to that objective?

We ended up using the top ranked international courier with a significant discount.

My client was pleased, but was never able to validate the discount rate until one day their supplier (a larger national manufacturer of tile) suggested they ship using their own account (with the same courier).

Shawn Casemore is the Founder and President of Casemore and Co, Inc.

Shawn has spent nearly two decades leading, managing and motivating teams across a vast array of industries and sectors.

Shawn is recognized as a thought leader in the area of operational excellence and his views are frequently published in industry publications including the Globe and Mail, CFO Magazine, Enterprise Apps today, purchasing B2B and many others.

Beyond that important result, aligning your business to practice demand-driven logistics moves logistics management out of the functional silo and provides strategic benefits to the entire enterprise.

Steve Murray holds the unique role of both a Principal Consultant and as Chief Researcher for Supply Chain Visions.

It is during sleep that we form almost ALL long term connections.

Ever learn something and it makes a heck of a lot more sense when you wake up the next day? Sleep is also the only time your brain can clean itself of toxins that are produced naturally by all living cells.

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