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An April 2017 referendum approved an executive presidency with weakened judicial and parliamentary checks.Over 150 journalists and media workers, as well as 9 parliamentarians of the pro-Kurdish opposition party, are behind bars. Turkey hosts around 3.5 million Syrian refugees, more than any other country, but many face obstacles accessing education and employment, and new arrivals face closed borders and risk deportation.According to ILGA News, Odabas cited laws of morality and family values in deciding to shut down Turkey's second legally registered LGBT organization (ibid.). The Prosecution Office noted in its ruling that according to the American Psychiatric Association, homosexuality was not a disorder; the ruling also marked "the first time that a prosecutor's office had decided that homosexuality was not immoral" (Kaos GL Oct. This information could not be corroborated among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate.A prosecutor rejected the ban in October of that same year (Kaos GL N.d.). It obtained legal NGO status by the Interior Ministry on 15 July 2005, after Ankara's Prosecution Office overturned efforts by the city's mayor to ban the organization under civil code provisions on morality (ibid. Lambda Istanbul operates a telephone helpline to counsel Turkish sexual minorities (Lambda Istanbul 15 Mar. Lambda Istanbul also organizes events to raise awareness of LGBT rights; for instance, in June 2003, it celebrated its tenth gay pride week (Kaos GL 2006).Being a war orphan, living in a hostel, maintained by The Jewish Community, I was his closest friend. Preparations - Sequel to The Hunt by: First Gene - About a week before school starts we had a visitor, moms uncle Sam from Jerusalem. A 12 Year Old Gets Molested Part 1 by: Uncle Jimmie - === PROLOG === Rick was 36 and had a boring sex life.He lived with his mother who traveled most of the time with her job that paid enough for him not to have to work.After seeing the appeal rejected by the First Instance Criminal Court of Ankara, the magazine took the case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) (Kaos GL 24 Aug. However, in March 2007, Guner was acquitted of these charges (ibid.; IHT ) after it was found that his magazines had been confiscated before being put on sale (ibid.). The directory also contains contact information for medical clinics and psychological services (QRD n.d.).2006), where a decision was still pending as of 9 April 2007 (Turkish Daily News 9 Apr. In December 2006, a criminal court case was filed against the magazine's owner and chief editor, Umut Guner, on charges of peddling pornography, which can carry a penalty of up to three years' imprisonment (12 Dec. In August 2006, a group of transsexuals were reportedly denied the right to set up an association in the city of Bursa for reasons of "public morality" (Kaos GL 5 Oct. In September 2006, the gay rights organization Kaos GL was denied permission to register as an official non-governmental organization (NGO) by Ankara's governor, Selahattin Ekmenoglu (The New York Times 5 Feb. In August 2006, anti-gay protesters disrupted a planned demonstration by gay rights activists in the city of Bursa who were protesting the city's governor's decision to close down the local homosexual association, Gokkusagi (Rainbow), because of its perceived non-compliance with "moral and family values" (AFP 6 Aug. Turkish universities may now host gay and lesbian groups (Turkish Daily News 9 Apr. A May 2007 article published in the International Herald Tribune reports on plans by gay rights activists to host forums in universities across the country to discuss rights and problems related to discrimination (ibid.). Oral sources: The Human Rights Association of Turkey (IHD), Kaos GL and Lambda Istanbul did not respond to requests for information within the time constraints of this Response.

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Kaos GL suggests that the conviction of manslaughter and not murder implies that homophobia exists within the justice system (ibid.).

Kaos GL recommends that the Turkish government revise the Penal Code to "define gay murders as hate crimes" (ibid.).

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