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I wanted an agent as a youngster but they didn’t take any notice.“I had drama lessons in Leigh with Elizabeth Slater and we would perform in Leigh and Southend festivals.Knowing it will be on screens in America is fantastic.” A Hundred Streets, will be in UK cinemas on Friday November 11 and the US next year.Kierston Wareing says it was the worst audition she’s done in her life.Her toughness feels like something to admire, until it hardens into an uglier ruthlessness as she takes bigger risks to maximise her earnings – ‘I was thinking, how bad can this woman get?’ That Angie should be so likeable and engaging was crucial: you feel her scruples falling away all the more keenly.The actress has a new film coming out – A Hundred Streets – that will be premiered soon.

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Usually I play quite an eccentric, alcoholic, slightly erratic character, so this was different. “The film is fantastic, the cast, the directors, the writing, I am really proud to be part of it.

“I went, ‘Not really, no.’ He said, ‘That’s all right then.’” Later she phoned her agent.

After scraping by on the odd music video appearance and bit parts in soap operas, Kierston Wareing was ready to pack in acting for good - and then Ken Loach chose her as the lead for his new film. Photograph by Anna Schori A year and a half ago, Kierston Wareing was all set to leave ‘the acting’ behind.

“I have worked with Idris Elba before, but I didn’t have any scenes with him this time.

I met him when we were in Luther – he is a cool, normal, nice person with a lot of talent.

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