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Here is one of the articles were she made the claims…4th Of July in Burnet, Texas So from what we have seen she has claimed a Silver Star, Purple Heart, Airborne, Air Assault, MP and claims something to do with K9’s, according to her business website.Also she is wearing the 1st Cav Patch and the 82nd Combat patch, and she was never attached to either. In case the article disappears once we break this story, here is the pic with the caption.But since someone allowed her in, they have to conduct a proper investigation, within their by-laws to remove her.We were also told that the District Commander has personally confronted her about her claims and she basically admitted to lying about the awards.They included a number of veterans who escorted a truck carrying the traveling Vietnam memorial.

Most from the 14th Quarter Master Detachment, which is an Army Reserve unit out of Greensburg. Here is the list of Soldiers killed that day in Saudi Arabia: 14th Quartermaster Detachment Here is another picture and here she is claiming a totally different Cpt’s name.

And they have informed us that the State Commander has officially challenged the eligibility of Tina Kersten to the National Commander, but this can take anywhere from 60-120 days for processing.

They have also launched an official investigation as to how she was allowed to join the VFW.

But according to her Official records, the only time she was OCONUS(Overseas) was while she was stationed in Germany.

You can also see at the top a caption about a service dog, she claims the dog she has is one, which we can not verify, people in the area have told us it is not a service dog. And not to mention if you went to Airborne School, they teach you how to properly wear the beret!

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