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The two guides will be for creating chatbots using Bruce Wilcox’s stand-alone app, Chat Script, and setting up a chatbot at Pandorabots. However, Chat Script has its own set of “disadvantages”: With Chat Script, There is no graphical interface. Since we’ve covered the “cons”, it’s only fair to cover the “pros”, as well.

This is strictly a “console” application, with just a “DOS prompt” window that you use to enter input/read output. There are only a few lines of scripting, designed only to make sure that the application is properly set up. Since Chat Script has its own unique scripting language, you’re now experiencing your first “learning curve”, and have to learn how the scripting language works. with Chat Script, You can: [ul] [li]Build your bot your way.

The package is in zip format, which every version of windows from xp onward can handle without having a zip extracting program.

Download it to a location where you can easily find it (many people suggest downloading it to the desktop.

If you’ve never extracted files from a zip archive before, there are several good tutorials on the net, so you can just google it, or post a question on the forums here, asking for help. The documentation, which is found in the DOCUMENTATION directory, is your first, and best, source of information on the inner workings of Chat Script. You’ll get a “welcome to chatscript” message, and can now begin “chatting” with your new bot.You can make it (him, her, whatever) funny or serious, silly or sexy.It’s all up to you.[/li] [li]Program your bot to make use of certain system commands to act like the other stand-alone apps, in that you can have it play media files, open documents, including web pages, open or close other programs, or any number of other tasks.The majority of stand-alone bots also integrate some sort of system interface, allowing your bot to control certain aspects and functions of your computer, such as playing media files, or retrieving documents.They usually also have a graphical component built in, as well, in the form of an avatar (often female) that enhances interaction, thus improving your experience.

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