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You can add emojis, draw, add captions, send GIFs — it’s basically an encrypted Snapchat now, has some attractive features for sending nudes.

You can choose to share things only with a specific contact in the “Status Privacy” feature, which only effects posts you make after turning that on.

The only thing to remember about Whats App is that it is now part of Facebook, so check to make sure that Whats App isn’t sending info to Facebook for advertisements.So the best things you can do are avoid the cloud and use end-to-end encryption unless you invest in a phone designed for security.Whats App launched end-to-end encryption in April 2016, so when you send a Whats App message, it’s automatically locked with unique keys, and then only unlocked when your recipient reads it."If a stranger walks up to them in a store, and says 'come with me, your parents need you outside.' Kids know, stranger-danger, no way.But we give them a tablet or a phone they drop their guard when it comes to strangers. Users have been targeting classmates as they have written scathing messages where they call out fellow students by name and it is all under the shadow of anonymity.

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