Perks of dating a dancer

**TEAMCEST BONUS: YOU GUYS LITERALLY HAVE THE SAME FRIENDS BECAUSE YOUR ONLY FRIENDS ARE ON YOUR TEAM.** The love and passion for dance that dancers share is something indescribable, something that you can only feel personally. There will never be enough Gatorade to quench the thirst of the dance community. Now that you’ve snagged yourself a dancer, you are clearly Keone and Mari – except you’re not. When you find a dancer who shares the same interest as you do – the same drive, the same commitment to dance – it feels fantastic. This is pretty shallow, but hypothetically speaking, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is a better dancer than you are, then your life can either go one of two ways: you can either be inspired to become a better dancer OR you can either feel threatened by them, and tension can be created. The only solution to this is to either both be really really good, or both be really really mediocre. Through this, you two can motivate each other to work harder and become better dancers, or push to reach whatever goals you have for your dance career. Appppppaaaarently dance couples just LOVE dancing together and collaborating. On the real though, if you’re dating a dancer, then that’s an automatic partner for any couples choreography, an automatic viewer/critic for any choreo that you want to present, and an automatic idea-bounce-off-er. It’s no one’s fault; it’s not like you guys dated each other based on dance skill (or maybe you did), but the idea that one of you is better than the other is just kind of… It’s a more than a romantic relationship – it’s a creative partnership. Obviously, you have to trust the girl to start with. Again, these things are just as likely in the general population, so to say that they're more true of sex workers is totally faulty reasoning.

Now they’re more about sitting in a nice jazz bar and drinking a cocktail because I’m more body-aware.” And when you’re a dancer, pain is a regular part of life.

We're dedicated to getting it right even when we're exhausted. There's the kind of strength that comes from lifting weights, and then there's the kind of strength that comes from bracing yourself for partner lifts, or lifting your leg to your face with no hands.

We listen to our bodies, and respect them, and we'll treat yours pretty well too. We have the last two, and trust me, they come in handy.

OK so having sex with a dancer isn’t exactly underrated.

But sometimes I feel like we're appreciated for all the wrong reasons.

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