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They will say things like: We're not perfect, I never saw this,we're not all like this, you can't judge because you did not go everywhere in the Phils and did not meet all Filipinos, it's worse in Africa and the middle east, we're a poor country, it's the fault of corruption, at least here we're religious, we the biggest English speakers in Asia, please give me 0 if not my mom will die.You will quickly see that nothing will never improve because they deny and justify everything.Some of the women are so beautiful, nice and appear sincere, loving, caring.

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Most users ever online is 12584 on August 28, 2011 am CEST.other asian are at least upfront beforehand,not the filipinos, they will lie and smile while they rob you, and lie evnm more while leading you to killers.Iv enver met an honest filipna yet nad been scammed 100s of 1000s of peso from these lieng witches from hell. Would never return to this evil place full of bad people.The 100 random Pinoys that you will meet will all use different strategies to pretend that what you're saying is not true.Show them some pictures of the nonsense that you saw and they will keep deny.

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