Scientific dating of the mahabharat war

But to term it just fiction is not right and i think we should wait for time to tell about it.In this post I will provide an analysis on the scientific date of Mahabharata War from 14 sources.At best we may say that the date of Mahabharata War is likely to be around 2800 BC. Hence date of Mahabharata War as per NASA is 2559 BC.

it is been said that it was earlier of 8000 verses and people kept on editing verses to it and it became what we have today. Well it depends,some clearly says that its just fiction, nothing else.Hence date of Mahabharata War as per Planetarium Software is 3126 BC. As per Prof Narhari Achar of Dept of Physics, University of Memphis, date of Mahabharata War is 3067 BC. He arrived at this date using Planetarium software based on occurrence of eclipse, full moon and other references in Udyoga Parvan and Bhishma Parvan of Mahabharata.As per P V Holey in a session "Date of Kurukshetra War based on astronomical data" in 2003 in Bangalore, date of Mahabharata War is 3143 BC. This is based on important events with planetary positions after comparing astronomical dates based on nakshatra, the Julian and Gregorian systems.34.) And when fifty (and) six and five hundred years of the Saka kings also have gone by in the Kali age;(V.35.) This stone mansion of Jinendra, a mansion of every kind of greatness, has been caused to be built by the wise Ravikirti, who has obtained the highest favour of that Satyashraya whose rule is bounded by the three oceans.

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