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Saudi historian Hatoon al-Fassi considers much earlier historical origins of Arab women's rights.

Using evidence from the ancient Arabian kingdom of Nabataea, she finds that Arab women in Nabataea had independent legal personalities.

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Growing prosperity caused by a shifting of trade routes was accompanied by a growth in individualism.

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You proceed one from another".(Qur'an 5) The Islamic studies professor William Montgomery Watt states: It is true that Islam is still, in many ways, a man's religion.Hoorain also cites problems with the idea of mass female infanticide and simultaneous widespread polygamy (multiple women for one man), as she sees it as an illogical paradox.She questions how it was possible for men to have numerous women if so many females were being killed as infants.In the prosperous southern region of the Arabian Peninsula, for example, the religious edicts of Christianity and Judaism held sway among the Sabians and Himyarites.In other places such as the city of Makkah (Mecca) -- where the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was born—a tribal set of rights was in place.

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