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Accordingly, I stepped down to him, and was much surprised to find him extended on the hearth, uttering dreadful lamentations; he stretched out his hands towards me, and in piteous tones begged me to be kind to a poor, helpless, abandoned wretch, who was not of the sex I had supposed, but an unfortunate Orkney girl, pregnant and actually in childbirth." According to Henry, Isabel said that the man who had debauched her two years earlier was wintering in what is now known as Grand Forks, North Dakota.His journal continued: “In about an hour she was safely delivered of a fine boy and that same day she was conveyed home in my cariole, where she soon recovered.” Isabel's child was christened James.

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The pregnant Orkney girl "I returned to my room, where I had not been long before he sent one of my own people, requesting the favour of speaking with me.What is known, however, is that in June 1806, driven by poverty, and possibly by love of a man, she left Orkney bound for the Canadian wilds.In Rupert’s Land, Canada, long before white women were allowed to travel to the Nor' Wast, she defied the rules of the all-male Hudson's Bay Company and disguised herself as a man to enlist.In the summer of 1807, Isabel was sent to the Pembina post of the Hudson Bay Company where she was to serve as cook to the master, Donald Mc Kay.By this time, her swelling stomach was obviously making the disguise harder to keep up.

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