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Selected monographs in the IMa Ge Monograph series contain typeset versions of Solstice, printed from the code shown in Solstice. The printouts were made at The University of Michigan Computer facilities, using a Xerox 9700 equipped with special hardware to permit printouts made from Te X. IMa Ge, and its original publication series, were created in 1985 by Sandra Lach Arlinghaus. In Deep Blue, there are documents deposited from the IMa Ge Monograph Series, a set of book-length monographs many of which are peer-reviewed. There are documents from IMa Ge's peer-reviewed journal, Solstice: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics, dating from 1990 forward. Contributors to the reprint series, such as to the Michigan Inter-University Community of Mathematical Geographers, are included. | Earl, Edward | Falor, Ryan | Favro, Ruth | Flaumenhaft, Carol | Fonseca, James W. | Getis, Arthur | Gillett, Robert | Gober, Courtney | Gochanour, Chandra Hurd | Goodchild, Michael F.

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Then, search for "Arlinghaus" or for "Archimedes" (a pseudonym of Arlinghaus in the 3D Warehouse, chosen to reflect work on building structures in the Allen Creek floodplain and consequent displacement issues). There are other documents from various special series, as well. There are many references to 3D files, including kmz and skp files. When special software is needed a link is given to a free download site (which of course may change over time). Solstice was born digital in 1990, before the advent of the Internet.

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