Stereotypes of white women dating black men

Women of dozens of ethnicities have written to me over the years – White American women, European women, women that can barely write or speak English that reside in other countries all over the world. Men of all races take advantage of women financially and sexually. The negative behaviors you describe are not at all limited to Black men!

And I can say without a doubt that men of all nationalities are alcoholics, abusive, liars, cheaters or drug addicts. Black women like you need hope, so you choose to believe that the cure for your pain and confusion will come from a man of a different race.

These “virtues” were directly tied to white women’s sexuality and ability to reproduce..

She says, “White women where thus considered naturally superior because of the purity of their whiteness…

But because of the intersections of race, class, dis/ability, sexual orientation, and other identities, not all women and gender non-conforming folks experience oppression in the same ways.

She explains, “Whiteness was easily corruptible and blackness was all-consuming…You need to make sure he is not forming his opinion about you based on his VH1, BET or MTV viewing.Though I grew up in San Francisco and interact with people of all races and ethnicities, I cannot say that White guys are “more easy going” with regards to their stereotypes of women’s attitudes and behaviors, especially when it comes to Black women.Many hear garbage about Black women from Black men they are either buddies with or work with.Or they see the loud, aggressive, neck working, finger pointing, hand on the hip Shenaynay types portrayed on television and are quick to believe that must be the way ALL black women are.

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