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So yeah I too have given up and am preparing to live the rest of my life out single in service to the Lord.

You’re not alone with wanting to find someone who doesn’t already have children and go from single to an instaparent.

Nearly 32 year old female, I used the site on and off over the past 8 years.

I had much more success in my more formative years with men actually interacting with me by sending messages and “smiles”.

I don’t think that makes you a monster, if it does than I am one too.

It seems to be rough for both genders once you’re on the other side of 30, being 31 and single is my how I imagined my life for myself.

I agree with you totally, online dating is a money making racquet the amount of success stories are so small percentage wise that they might as well be nil.

I pray that this is just a season and not the story of my life. I have written a short guide on being Christian and single, and am just waiting for my pastor to vet it and check for inaccuracies and heresy and if he gives the green light I will share online.Paid subscription, but people still could not talk back to me because they did not also pay. They sent 'flirts' which is basically saying they'd talk with me if they could, but they didn't pay so they're restricted from even talking with a paying customer.You should be able to pay someone else's sub, or being talked with if you pay.I think the free sites that aren't aimed at Christians are a better option, since there are Christians there, too. I haven't gotten a single match on there and no one has viewed my profile.I've gotten matches on other apps so I doubt it's how I look that's the problem.

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