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"If I had been that kid then, what level of douchery would I have risen to by now? Where does that leave you to go, if you're heading in that direction so young? You're like a Jane Austen character." In short order he's nodding encouragingly while I tell him about the cognitive pros of learning cursive as a child.You have to get into actual moral crimes by the middle of your adulthood. I'm about to dive into some deep recollections of elementary school before I remember where we are (a pleasant, leafy hotel garden) and what we're doing (an interview).If I had started that way, I'd probably be an arms dealer to questionable regimes." The sushi teen makes several reappearances over the course of our interview, and each time I thrill over the fact that we share an inside joke. When Woods came up in another interview, with Second only to politicians, actors have the highest bar for humility.I'm supposed to be the one putting Mastery of small talk notwithstanding, interviews are very hard for Woods. At one point Woods catches sight of my handwriting, which is the sharply slanted cursive of a Victorian madman, and he stops mid-sentence and says, "Oh my GOD, is that your handwriting? When actors say humble things, they almost always sound false. I examined the crotch some more and inhaled that new pussy scent I had discovered. Then I realized that I was getting off smelling my mom's panties. I mean I cum coated them like you wouldn't believe. All my friends are constantly talking about my mom.

I made it a point to search for mom's panties, which I found right in their usual spot on the floor. They seemed wetter than usual and the scent of pussy was very strong. I dropped my underwear to the floor and began stroking myself.

What I really wanted was some real pussy...a blowjob or a hand job at the very least. About am I finally woke up with my usual morning wood. Still half asleep and disoriented I entered the bathroom and shut the door. I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself..you got to get yourself some pussy and soon. I moved the panties up closer to my nose and inhaled deeply. Well it didn't take long and I was fucking them panties like you wouldn't believe. There I stood buck-naked with her panties on my rock hard cock firing bolts of cum all over them.

As I was turning to leave I noticed a bundle of clothes on the floor. Upon further examination I discovered a few strands of pubic hair stuck to the crotch area. I came like hell all over them in a matter of minutes.

I was checking them out, and they just smelled so good I couldn't help myself. Yeah and I never smelled you know umm...pussy before, but when I did I just couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry, the smell of your pussy and just knowing your panties were right next to your ah you know pussy right before.

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