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On his latest single “Nasty” Nas rapped that he was looking for actress Antonique Smith, and now he has found her.

“Bumpin’ Biggie the great legend/ Blastin’, I’m after the actress who played Faith Evans,” he spit about Smith who played the former Bad Boy singer in the 2009 Biggie biopic “Notorious.” “I thought it was really sweet,” Smith told MTV News of the lyric during an interview on the red carpet of the BMI Urban Awards on August 26.

She was also the poster girl for Rent, displayed on taxi cabs in New York City and posters across the country. The Los Angeles Times called her "delicious in the role" Smith played CIA agent Sandra Burns in the action movie Abduction with Taylor Lautner and Alfred Molina.

She left the role of Mimi to record her album and expand her film career. In the same year she played Ola O' Hara in the film Yelling to the Sky with Zoe Kravitz and Gabourey Sidibe and Jason Clarke.

Smith played Faith Evans in Notorious, based on the life of Evans' late husband, rapper The Notorious B. She had a role in the Golden Globe nominated film Across the Universe and has guest starred on Law & Order, HBO's Bored to Death, and 100 Centre Street, directed by Sidney Lumet.

She received her first job from Lumet, playing a teen drug addict.

The EP, a six song compilation, Smith says is long overdue.

We were able to speak with the actress and singer, not only about the release but also about her upcoming projects, whether she’s single and why she’s so passionate about being an activist for the Black community.

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Acting is what I’ve been doing a lot of, and, for so long it’s been taking over. So it’s a fusion of the things that I love so very much. I’ve been traveling the country with the Hip Hop Caucus talking about climate change movement and how the amount of population in our air and in our water is giving us cancer and asthma.

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We started off with a song called, “Got What I Need,” a celebration of the regular guy working hard and loving his woman. With my philanthropy work, people don’t know that they’re under attack. They think it’s hereditary because that’s what they’re being told. It may be pushed back but it will come out next year in theaters. What Else We Can Expect From Her More movies, more music and more love.

They don’t realize that there are forces, powerful and rich, that are doing things that are jeopardizing their life.

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