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Apparently movie execs love putting girls in drag and making homoerotic jokes (until she’s revealed to be, thankfully for heteronormativity, a girl)."She’s the Man" was an Amanda Bynes vehicle back when she was still a star, and featured Channing Tatum before he really was one.With a smiling face and gigantic height, Mekhi could have posed for shirtless pictures back in the starting days of his work.Mekhi's personal life relating to his married life also has gone through various rides, rough and smooth. The marriage of the couple could last only for three years and ended with a divorce. Greg Pratt in the drama called ER and an opportunity to star in the movie called 8 Mile did not come without hard work.Shakespeare at least had the sense to find it all poignant rather than fodder for cheap homophobic jokes and forced genital exposure at soccer games. In this 1985 comedy, Terry Griffith, a gorgeous and studious high school journalism student grows frustrated that her beauty prevents others from taking her career aspirations seriously.The Good: This is a really good movie to watch with your best friend over a few "Twelfth Night" makes yet another appearance! She dresses as a boy, transfers schools, and prepares to receive the accolades she deserves, while, of course, falling in love with a new classmate who thinks she’s a dude (lol).It is not known wheter Mekhi was any sad about it but it certainly showed that he had moved on when he got married for the second time. He competed for getting the role in Spike Lee's Clockers and also played roles in features like High School High and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

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Mekhi has been one of the celebrities about whom readers search various information and want to read their biography.

He seems to know well about ensuring a balance in his work life and personal life.

Here's what we do know: This is the 399th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, and his outsize importance to Western culture looms as large as ever. In fact, the cross-dressing comedy seems to have particular appeal for the makers of teen movies.

The Bad: Acting chops were clearly not high on the list of requirements for the cast of the movie, but that's not the most grating offense.

Using Shakespeare as an excuse for jockstrap pratfalls and pants-stuffing gags seems a bit cheap, and this juvenile flick skimps on neither.

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