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The effectiveness of Crystalens® was proven in clinical trials: Crystalens accommodates like the natural lens.After implantation of Crystalens, most patients will see brighter and clearer from distance, intermediate to near like they did when they were younger.XFit Dia System is a durable, accommodative insert providing both support and longevity of use for any patient in need of increased comfort and offloading of pressure. Shell/Durometer: EVA/35 Topcover/Durometer/Color: 1/8″ Plastazote/20/Pink Middle Layer/Durometer/Color: 1/8″ Plastazote/20/Blue Patient Weight: Less than 200 lbs.Patient Applications: Neuropathy; Toe amputations; Metatarsalgia; Heel pain; Rheumatoid arthritis; Fat atrophy Shell/Durometer: Cork/60 Topcover/Durometer/Color: 1/8″ Plastazote/20/Pink Middle Layer/Durometer/Color: 1/8″ Plastazote/20/Blue Patient Weight: 200 lbs.

Crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs.This condition, which begins to affect most people in their forties, is called presbyopia.Presbyopia is the inability of your eyes to accommodate.In the aging eye the lens loses its ability to change shape and images are out of focus.Reading glasses or bifocals are required to help the eye focus.

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